Sexual Assault Awareness

BlogTemplateThe month of April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month here at DePaul University. Many offices and departments of the university have come together to plan a various group of events for students, which are all free! These panels, events, and workshops have been formulated to not only educate students but to empower students to go beyond that as well.  These events are open to the entire DePaul community, stay informed. For a full list of events, view the calendar below!


CTG : Ticket Offerings


Are you a DePaul University Class of 2014 graduate? Countdown to Graduation (CTG) is just for you! A part of CTG is its exclusive ticket offerings which are in high demand year by year. This year’s ticket specials include Broadway in Chicago : Mamma Mia and a Chicago Cubs Baseball Game. More detailed information can be found below.


Here’s a sneak peak of Broad in Chicago: Mamma Mia!

Get your tickets in celebration of your countdown to graduation, soon to be graduates!

Spring Demon Tix

SQdemontixHappy Spring Quarter Blue Demons! With the fresh start of a new quarter, the Office of Student Involvement has new Demon Tix offerings. Stop by our office during office hours to purchase – don’t forget to bring your student ID!

Chicago Fire vs. Real Salt Lake

  • Saturday, May 3rd – 7:30pm
  • Toyota Park – Free Transportation Provided
  • Student Price: $5.00 . . . You Save $23.00!
  • Ticket Sales Begin Monday, March 31st
  • Limit 2 tickets per ID

Skydeck Chicago

  • Use at your convenience Sunday – Saturday
  • Tickets expire March 12, 2015
  • Student Price: $10.00 . . . You Save $9.00!
  • Ticket Sales Begin Monday, April 21st
  • Limit 4 tickets per ID


Countdown to Grad : 100 Days

CTGblogWhat’s that we hear? Today marks 100 days until graduation for DePaul University’s Class of 2014! With graduation buzz in the air, we strongly encourage soon to be graduates to pull out those “college bucket lists” and start (if you haven’t already), checking things off that list. Whether it’s seeing a Chicago Broadway show, going to a White Sox/Cubs game, visiting that one restaurant joint you’ve always wanted to go, exploring a part of the city you’re unfamiliar with such as Pilsen, or DePaul related things – all of these are great to do starting now! Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks – we will be releasing a “Countdown to Graduation Bucket List!”

Chinese New Year : Year of the Horse

horseyear (1)

This Friday, January 31st is the celebration of the Chinese New Year (Lunar)! According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, this is the year of the horse.

What does the year look like to those born in the year of the horse? Here ‘s some quick information from the

Year: Born in 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918
The year of the horse means there is leadership associated with this sign this year, so your authority may increase, according to Ng. However, the impulsive behaviour of the horse can lead to recklessness, so stay away from gambling and speculations.
Work: Those in positions of authority will do well, but chancy businesses, like the stock market, are a bad idea.
Wealth: Don’t expect to make a lot money, and value the income you have.
Relationships: There won’t be a lot of excitement in your love life, and if you are engaged, you might want to delay your marriage until next year.
Health: Watch your health this year — you’ll get tired and can catch bugs easily. Make exercise and rest a priority.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate!

DemonTix: Chicago Auto Show


What’s in store for DemonTix this quarter? Tickets to the Chicago Auto Show 2014! Both our offices in Lincoln Park and the Loop are selling them for $5.00 a piece, don’t forget your student ID at purchase.

Wondering what the Chicago Auto Show is all about? It was first staged in 1901, the Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. This year marks the 106th edition of the Chicago Auto Show. It is produced  by The Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) is the nation’s oldest and largest metropolitan dealer organization. The CATA has produced the Chicago Auto Show since 1935.

Some logistical information on the Chicago Auto Show: it will be from  Saturday, February 8 through Monday, February 17  from 10am – 10pm at McCormick Place. More information can be found at

These tickets are available at OSI offices on both campuses. They are for Weekday Admission to the Chicago Auto Show (Feb 11, 12, 13, 14, or 17). The tickets are $5.00 each – come stop by our office!