Oct. 1, 2012

As the first blog post, learn a little bit about our office and why we have this blog. Check back every week for a new post!

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) empowers students to define their own DePaul experience by providing opportunities to connect, engage, and grow. OSI facilitates holistic learning and develops socially responsible leaders through support, coordination, advisement, and mentorship of commuters, student organizations, fraternities and sororities, and on & off campus activities.

The DePaul Office of Student Involvement is located in both Lincoln Park and the Loop. The Lincoln Park office can be found on the second floor of the student center, suite 201. If you are in the loop, you can find us on the 11th floor of the DePaul center right next to the commuter center lounge.

Our website can answer a lot of questions about the resources we offer. OrgSync is also a great tool to find out what’s going on around both campuses, join an organization, and register for workshops our office puts on. As far as this blog goes, we’ll be highlighting aspects of our office, how to get involved, and what involved life is like at DePaul.

Lastly, who is running this blog? That would be Carrie Emge, “Technology Assistant.” I make websites for student organizations and do other techie things. I am a senior majoring in Interactive Media, minoring in Media Cinema Studies. I also blog for the Admissions office where I work as a tour guide. Besides blogging, I enjoy trying new restaurants, baking, traveling, shopping, and music. I am involved with DePaul Activities Board (I was the comedy coordinator my sophomore year), Catholic Campus Ministry, DePaul Mobile Application Team, and I serve as a student alumni ambassador for the alumni office.

Feel free to comment on our posts and leave any questions!



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