October 8, 2012

Upon entering DePaul, I heard the phrase “get involved” multiple times. Info sessions, orientation, Discover Week. I was pretty involved in high school, and wanted to be involved in something at DePaul as well. When the involvement fair came along, I knew I had to go. I signed up for quite a few organizations, but the ones that “stuck” with me were DePaul Activities Board (DAB) and Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM).

Why those 2? Well, I grew up Catholic and wanted to continue practicing my faith. I really enjoyed going to Sunday Night Mass at St. Vincent DePaul Church so I decided to go on the freshman retreat they offered. It was one of the best decisions I made because I met some of my best friends. One of them is even my roommate of three years. When I went to my first DAB Meeting, I was a little starstruck by the events they had put on in the past. They brought Ingrid Michaelson and Jason Mraz to campus! Seth Meyers had been the “Big Comic” the year before which really sealed the deal. I am a huge Saturday Night Live fan and wanted to be a part of the next comedy show.

Through DAB and CCM I steadily met more and more people. I made friends in these organizations and have been introduced to friends of friends. As I begin my last year here, I am still involved with these organizations and have added 2 more last year. I joined DePaul Mobile Application Team (DMAT) because app development is becoming a booming business and they wanted me to manage their social media. I became an student alumni ambassador because I love sharing my DePaul experience with others. I also enjoy hearing about DePaul’s history and what the campus was like years ago. I also thought it would be a great way to practice my networking skills since I will be starting my job hunt within the next year.

Though DePaul is the largest Catholic university, by becoming involved it feels like a small community. I usually run into someone I know going to or from class. Seeing familiar faces around campus makes me feel a part of the DePaul Community.


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