October 30, 2012

We are very excited to introduce to you our first guest blogger! Sophia Lammers is a sophomore at DePaul studying PR, Ad, and Marketing. She serves as the Public Relations Coordinator on SGA. Her favorite movie is Good Will Hunting.

DePaul’s Student Government has been very busy Fall Quarter. The year started with a big announcement that the John T. Richardson Library pilot program had been approved and would begin this quarter. Student Government worked diligently to pass this program so students would have a quite study area to do homework and also a safe area to stay on campus late at night.  This program has given students the opportunity to study in the library till 2 AM Sunday through Thursday nights on the Lincoln Park Campus.

This quarter Student Government has been especially committed to advocating on behalf of the student body by working to enhance methods by which the student voice can be effectively incorporated into critical university administrative decisions. We recently had Bob Kozoman, the Executive Vice President of DePaul, discuss the 2012-2013 budget at “Let’s Talk Money”; a university wide event where students could ask questions and learn about tuition and pricing.  We also invited students to come listen and ask questions to Dean of Students, Art Munin, who spoke about issues concerning SAGE Medical and the Affordable Care Act.

SGA has also been working to foster a greater sense of interconnectedness between students and federal governments by encouraging students to vote in the Presidential Election this fall.  SGA has sponsored debate viewing parties in the Student Center to give students an opportunity to become more familiar with the issues in this election.  We have also worked to increase the voter registration on DePaul’s campus so students can easily register to vote this November.  SGA is very happy with the progress we are looking forward to serving the student body for the rest of the school year.


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