November 6, 2012

With the president election coming to an end, there’s still one more thing DePaul students can vote for: The 2013 Big Comic!

My freshman year we had Aziz Ansari. As coordinator my sophomore year, I brought Bo Burnham. Last year Jo Koy performed at the Merle Reskin. Who will cap off my senior year? All the names on the list are great, but if you haven’t heard some of them, they are featured in the video above. The last day to vote is Friday so don’t delay! You can vote for up to 3 names by clicking here.

The Big Comedy Show is one of my favorite events at DePaul. As a lover of stand up comedy I look forward to this every year. Especially because tickets for such a big name are only $5 for students! Tickets for Aziz and Jo Koy are often $30-$60. As I said in my post about Demon Tix, take advantage of these great deals!

Need some laughs before finals? Catch some episodes of 30 Rock in the Loop on Wednesday.


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