November 26, 2012

Our next “Meet the Staff” Q & A is with Amy Mynaugh. Amy is the Assistant Director of Student Involvement at the Lincoln Park Campus and specifically oversees campus activities as assessment in the department.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the western Chicago suburbs.

Where did you go for your undergrad & masters?

I received my undergraduate degree from University of Iowa and my master’s degree from Western Illinois University

What is your favorite college memory?

I don’t know that I can narrow my favorite college memory down to just one.  I loved Hawkeye home football game days.  Lots of school spirit and fun with friends.  I also really loved be a member of my sorority, Chi Omega.  The experience was transformational.  I found and created my community at U-Iowa in my chapter AND I had the privilege of serving in a number of leadership roles that helped me develop a number of skills that still serve me well today.

Why did you want to work in Student Affairs? Why specifically Student Involvement?

I really found my niche at Iowa once I got involved in student organizations.  I realized I wanted to work in student affairs when I asked my advisor “what do I need to do to get a job like yours?”  And from there I learned about Student Affairs.  I wanted to play a role on a college campus that would help other students make the most of their experiences.  I specifically like Student Involvement because it is a dynamic and ever changing work environment.  With approximately 300 student organizations and endless activities, there is always something exciting going on!

Do you have a favorite memory from working in OSI?

Oh gosh, I think my most favorite memory so far (I haven’t been in OSI THAT long) would be my first homecoming at DePaul.  I was advising the DePaul Activities Board at the time, had only been on the job for 2 months, but everything just came together.  That was when I really started developing some great relationships with the DAB leadership and new DePaul was the right place for me.

What is  your favorite movie?

I love Christmas movies…specifically National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  I have other non-holiday favorites but that is the first one that comes to mind, I guess because the holidays are right around the corner.

What do you love most about living in Chicago?

I love the hustle and bustle, I love the city lights, the noise, the restaurants.  Every day is a new and different day…I always notice new things and new people.  I don’t like to be bored and you can never be bored in Chicago.  I also love that it is a big city nestled in the Midwest, I feel like that makes it a bit more welcoming and friendly.

Favorite food?

I’m not picky…I like almost everything.  Lately, I’ve been really loving small plates/tapas.  Little tastes of lots of yummy things.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

To stay young and energetic…and to be able to keep my family young and energetic so we are all around for each other for a real long time.

If you could live in another time period, what would you choose?

This is a good question…I’m not really sure.  Probably an era where women wore hats, big, classy, fancy hats…


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