December 17, 2012

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Lauren EToday’s guest blogger is Lauren Eisentraut. She is a sophomore studying Public Relations and Advertising, from Bloomingdale, Illinois. Lauren is the Homecoming Coordinator for DAB this year and is giving us an update about Homecoming 2013!

Homecoming 2013 is going to be the best Homecoming yet. My committee and I, as well as the rest of DAB have worked really hard to give DePaul not only an amazing dance at an incredible Chicago venue, but to create a really fun spirit week that all students can enjoy.

It’s been a lot of work coordinating such a large-scale string of events for DePaul, but my committee and I have had a blast coming up with a theme that we know DePaul students will love and some awesome events that will be coming to campus in January.

We are doing things pretty big this year, which means we’re handing out some great prizes. Among them are Bulls tickets, Book of Mormon tickets, Homecoming tickets (of course), a mini iPad, several iPod nanos, a digital camera, and lots of other great stuff!

One of the biggest goals for Homecoming 2013 was to create a larger sense of campus affinity in the DePaul community. With help from organizations like Blue Crew, RHC, Athletics, and many others, I feel this has definitely been accomplished in the planning stages for Homecoming.

However, we want to see the campus affinity in the turnout for all of Homecoming events, which means we want students there! Our Big Reveal is on Tuesday, January 8th and it’s a Lazer Tag tournament. It’s free to register and all you have to do is email or message the DePaul Homecoming facebook page with the names and emails of five teammates. First place winner gets Bulls and Homecoming tickets! We have lots of organizations that want to register teams, so we’re expecting a lot of people to be there when we reveal the theme and venue for Homecoming 2013.

We’re taking a break for the holidays. We’ll return when classes resume in January. Have a Happy New Year!


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