January 24, 2013

Post 20 Picture

It all started with a Facebook status.

Last fall Jessie Crawford (then-sophomore) posted a Facebook status to see if anyone was interested in forming a co-ed a Capella choir. She didn’t make the cut for DWaC, but still wanted to keep singing. Being a part of show-choir in high school, she thought her singing on a stage days were over.

Through the power of “friends of friends”, Jessie was introduced to Noah Boggess, a (at the time) junior. Needing at least 2 more people to register and become an official DePaul organization, they formed InterChorus with Kyle Newsome, Emily Mackmiller, and Kristen Heaphy. They registered with our office in the fall and had their first round of auditions in November.

From the auditions in fall 2011 and again in fall 2012, InterChorus has grown to 20 members. Jessie and Noah admitted that it was an interesting experience to be on the other side of the audition process. They were excited so many people showed up for auditions, but it was hard because they could not take everyone.

It has been over a year since InterChorus was established. Now in their junior and senior year, I asked Jessie and Noah what the hardest part has been. They agreed that leading their peers can be a challenge. Managing 20 different personalities is a task in itself, but it is important to maintain respect for each other. Being in a leadership position in a new organization also means having to go with the flow Jessie told me. Unforeseen situations makes for the creation of new rules they hadn’t thought about at the beginning. Sometimes those rules go under another change or two when they see how they are implemented.

Any advice for someone thinking about starting their own organization? “Do it! It’s not very hard,” Jessie replied. “Ask for help when you need it.”

Our office is here to answer any questions you may have. The last day to register a new organization is February 28. After that, any students seeking to start a new organization will have to wait until the Spring registration process.

Want to catch InterChorus’s next performance? Mark your calendar for March 12!


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