The Hot Chocolate Competition


The best part about the colder weather is that it’s perfect hot chocolate drinking weather! There are a lot of places around Lincoln Park to grab a cup of hot chocolate but a few must stand out above the rest.

4. City Grounds Coffee Bar
Located at Dickens & Lincoln, this local cafe gives you a HUGE toasted marshmallow in your cup. However, I’d give the drink 3/5 stars. There was a large amount of froth to drink before I got to the actual hot chocolate. When I finally got to the real beverage, it tasted like watery-chocolate milk. However (even though I stirred it every so often), it tasted better towards the end.


3. The Bean Caffe
Gotta rep the on-campus option! Located in the Schmitt Academic Center as well as The Ray, they offer a white hot chocolate option, which is what I’m judging. This hot chocolate was a favorite my freshman year when I had a meal plan because it didn’t quite taste like traditional hot chocolate.  It is a powder mix blended with steamed milk (choose between 2% and skim). The result is a creamy HC that (in my opinion) doesn’t need whipped cream or marshmallows. I can’t think of any cons. If you want to change up your usual hot cocoa, I would definitely recommend it along with a cranberry-lemon muffin!

2. The Bourgeois Pig Cafe
The Pig is all-around a great place and can be found on Fullerton just east of the Lincoln/Halsted/Fullerton intersection. Their sandwiches are phenomenal and the hot chocolate does not disappoint. I recommend the “Mexican Hot Chocolate” which adds almond and cinnamon. The cinnamon and almond flavors are not over-powering which makes me happy. Also, how can you not love the pretty design they make??

And the winner is….

1. Austrian Bakery!
I don't have a picture of their hot chocolate so I grabbed a picture of their Linzer Raspberry Cookies from the website(I don’t have a picture of their hot chocolate so I grabbed a picture of their Linzer Raspberry Cookies from the website)

In addition to their hot chocolate, this is also one of my favorite bakeries in the city. I love their strudels, red velvet white chocolate chip cookies, and the Linzer Raspberry Cookies. I named this as my favorite hot chocolate in Lincoln Park because it’s like drinking a hug (if that were possible). It’s warm, creamy, chocolatey, and delicious. Feeling blue? Get a mug of this and a red velvet cookie (or 2 or 3) and your sorrows will melt away. You’ll forget how cold it is outside and never want to get hot chocolate anywhere else.

If I do not feel like leaving my apartment, Swiss Miss is always a good alternative. Exploring cafes in the city with a friend is a lot of fun though. These places are also great for doing homework!

This post was originally featured on DeBlogs.


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