The AFLV experience


loriattiToday’s guest blogger is Nick Ioriatti who attended the AFLV (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values) conference February 7-10. Nick is a second year student in the Driehaus College of Business. He currently serves as the Internal Vice President of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and as the Vice President of Finance for the InterFraternal Council.

Learning from leadership conferences of this nature is entirely based on the attitude you approach them with and how you digest the information presented. Going into the conference, I expected to learn a tremendous amount of information about improving the community as a whole. While that was eventually true of my experience, the most valuable idea I took away from the conference is that despite our differences in letters, our organizations were created with similar purposes and are therefore related. The organizations we joined were created to initiate our brothers into manhood. However the individual organization defines that process through ritual may be unique, but our final goal is the same.

That being said, when your organization does well, the entire community benefits, however when your organization fails, the entire community suffers as a result. This conference made me realize that each of our organizations would benefit from refocusing on the values that our founder’s built the organization on. The strength of the individual organizations is what brings strength to the entire community—that is what we need to remember and what I realized at this conference.

AFLV was a tremendous learning experience; the speakers introduced relevant topics, kept me entertained, and taught me a lot. Being able to pick which breakout workshops I attended allowed me to tailor my experience towards topics I found to be pertinent to my fraternity, IFC, and myself. The presenters made an extra effort to answer questions and to tailor the presentation to the inquiries that were raised by the audience members and made them fun. As a result of the conference I came back to campus with many ideas how to improve elements of my organization and the community as a whole. If you ever get the chance to attend AFLV, I would highly encourage you to attend, as it truly was a meaningful experience.


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