Staycation in the city


Are you staying in the city for spring break? Splitting your week between home and the city? Not sure what to do? If you read our suggestions for things to do over winter break back in December, we’ve decided to recommend some more city highlights! Your UPASS will work over spring break so you won’t have to worry about paying for the CTA like you did in the winter!

  • March Madness will be in full swing during spring break. If you’re a basketball fan there are plenty of places to watch the games, or invite your friends over for a potluck. The women’s basketball team made the tournament so you should cheer them on Sunday when they play Oklahoma State! 
  • Do you like Shamrock Shakes? Metromix tasted 6 variations at locations all over the city including nearby places Bobtail and Edzo’s. Even though St. Patrick’s Day is over, you can still grab these specialty shakes until the end of the month.
  • Spring cleaning! Get yourself organized so you can start off spring quarter knowing where everything is. I always like to clean out my closet in the spring as well. Haven’t worn that shirt in 3 months? Consider donating your old clothes to the St. Vincent DePaul Center.
  • Want to update your closet? Show that ID if you’re out shopping for spring fashions. Check out the Demon Discounts page (and our blog post about it!) to find out where you can save some money. Topshop, Banana Republic, and J. Crew all offer a student discount!
  • Read for fun. Remember that? Visit the DePaul library, the Chicago Public library, or a bookstore to find a new book. Are you going somewhere for spring break? Start a new book on the plane, train, or automobile! However you’re getting to your destination, a good book will help the time fly by. Need a suggestion?  Here are the New York Times Best Sellers. 

Enjoy your spring break, Blue Demons! Our Demon Tix will go on sale when classes resume April 1!


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