The farewell post

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Now that it is Spring Break, I am in my final week of work at OSI. Next week Teresa Nguyen will take over this blog and I am very excited for this transition. I still can’t believe that I have graduated from DePaul University which is an honor and very exciting.

Looking back at my time at DePaul I have very positive memories. Some of my favorite experiences have stemmed from being involved on campus. FEST, Homecoming, Big Comic, and all of the DAB events in between are definitely highlights that I will always remember. I would have never imagined when I entered DePaul that I would meet some of my favorite comedians and musical artists.

Being in CCM, I met 1 of my current roommates and come to learn, respect, and live the Vincentian mission. I have grown as a Catholic and have met some wonderful friends. Going on and helping with retreats were such rewarding experiences that I will always treasure.

Though being in pep band isn’t a student organization, it’s been a big part of my DePaul career. I’ve gone on the Big East tournament trips 3 years and various locations for the women’s NCAA tournaments. I’ve continued my hobby of playing the clarinet and have met some extremely talented musicians throughout the way.

DMAT was a late addition to my involvement, but it allowed me to develop my social media skills in addition to working in OSI. I have learned so much and am so grateful to have worked in this great office with such wonderful people.

Being a tour guide is a job and not a club, but I’ve been one since my sophomore year so I consider it involvement. No snow, wind, rain, heat, or bitter cold will keep us from doing our job. From visit days to field trip tours, every tour is always different. I’ve gotten to meet so many different families from all over the country that it really makes my day hearing I did a great job on a tour. Being a tour guide helped me become an SAA (Student Alumni Ambassador). Being an SAA is a lot of fun because I get to talk to alumni about their experiences at DePaul and tell them how much campus has changed. I love hearing stories about the old buildings and what things used to be like.

My four years at DePaul would have been a lot different if I had not become involved with the DePaul community. By joining DAB, CCM, pep band, DMAT, SAA, and working in this office & as a tour guide I would not have met my best friends and other amazing people.

So, what’s next for me? I’m not really sure. I’m taking some time off for myself and applying for some jobs. I check out DePaul Experience every few days for social media/web designer jobs and see if anything sparks my interest.  I know something will work out, but right now I’m excited to watch Netflix and enjoy Chicago in the springtime.

Signing out, Carrie Emge


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