On the Go for Some FroYo!

froyoThe Frozen Yogurt industry has taken over the nation by a storm especially in our very own, Lincoln Park. With the warm weather approaching us, everyone is craving for a delicious cup of frozen yogurt better known as “froyo!” Now that you’ve decided to get froyo, you are struggling with choosing where to go to get it. Right here in Lincoln Park, there are three plus shops that offer this sweet treat. The most well known places are: Red Mango, Forever Yogurt, and Starfruit Cafe.

Red Mango is located at 844 Armitage which is about a five minute walk from the Armitage Brown line stop. It is a quaint but very clean store that opened its doors last fall. Their most popular flavor is Nutella and it is a must have! Their toppings bar is filled with a variety of candy, fruit, nuts, cereals, cookies, and sauces. Not only do they serve froyo, but fruity smoothies are also their speciality.

Forever Yogurt is located right off the Belmont Red line stop but will be opening another store on Fullerton and Clark very soon! What is so unique about this shop is its decor. The atmosphere is one of a kind with its Chicago CTA theme. The seats and walls are identical to the train cars that we are accustomed to. In addition, its yogurt is the perfect cure to a sweet tooth! The toppings bar here is very impressive since it has everything every yogurt lover would indulge in.

Starfruit Cafe is located at 2142 Halsted near Armitage. In addition to delicious yogurt and smoothies, healthy juices and parfaits are also on the menu. Their yogurt is very creamy which is often mistaken as ice cream or custard but it is still froyo! All of their froyo is lowfat for those looking for a healthier snack alternative. Their toppings bar has the usual fruit and candies but is well known for its nutritional toppings including: variations of proteins and vitamin supplements.

There is no such thing as a bad froyo shop rather there are a lot of options catering to every taste bud! Now that you’ve got the lowdown on these shops, are you ready to go for some froyo??


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