Play at the Ray

PlayAtTheRayLooking for a great workout as well as a fun bonding activity to do with your friends? Why not do intramural sports at the Ray! Every quarter the Ray offers a large variety of sports in both recreational and competitive leagues. Sports offered range from scrabble to touch football and water polo. The opportunities are limitless. From personal experiences, intramural sports is a way to bring the community together and also catch up with friends in the midst of the busy life we all live. The teams I’ve been on may not have won every single game, but we still had the time of our lives. For those who played sports in high school and miss it, this is a great chance to still practice that sport. If you cannot form a team, you can also sign up as an individual and play on another team- a great way to make create new friendships! Did I mention that it’s also completely FREE?

This Spring Quarter the following sports are offered: 4 on 4 volleyball, kickball, 4 on 4 flag football, floor hockey, badminton, 16′ softball, 5 on 5 outdoor soccer, table tennis, scrabble, tennis, and racquetball ladder. How does the registration process work? It is very easy, there is a step by step guide right here. It’s not too late to join existing teams, come Play at the Ray right now!


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