Late Night Munchies at Insomnia Cookies

latenightmunchiesThe word on the street is that there’s a new late night dessert cookie bar in the Lincoln Park area! That’s right, Insomnia Cookies has opened its doors and there has been non stop buzzing about this innovative company. On their menu there is a variety of ice creams, cookies, brownies, ice cream sandwiches, and beverages. This large selection definitely caters every sweet tooth and craving out there!

Not only is Insomnia Cookies open until 3AM every single day of the week, they also deliver right to your home. For all you bookworms, there is a discounted offer called “The Study Break Special” which entails the purchase of 24 cookies and then you get 6 cookies for free! What a great study incentive that is especially with midterms coming up. Every day, there is a “Deal of the Day” listed on their website.

Next time you are up late craving some late night munchies, keep in mind that Insomnia Cookies is open and ready to deliver to your door!


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