SRL Organization of the Year: Spectrum DePaul


The SRL Organization of the Year Award was given to Spectrum DePaul. Spectrum is an LGBTQA student organization on campus that holds weekly meetings, which include: discussions about current issues in the LGBTQA community, guest speakers, off- campus events, and more. Below is what accomplishments Spectrum had this school year that gave them this very well deserved award:

“This school year, Spectrum DePaul strove to increase programming, awareness, and opportunities. The LGBTQ community can often be seen as a group of people with a lot in common, but in actuality it is a group of people who are bonded through sexuality and gender variance. The rest is up in the air. It is up to Spectrum to try and make sure that there is something for everyone. During the school year, Spectrum offered a LGBT welcome week that included a trip to the zoo, barbecue, and a mixer. We had our third annual Boystown scavenger hunt and our second annual Andersonville (Girlstown) scavenger hunt. Erin Davies of Fagbug and Legendary Leyomi were speakers/performers brought in to DePaul by Spectrum. Two comedy shows featuring local queer comics were offered at the high demand of our members. Also, an open mic featured DePaul students in the fall and we’ll also be putting on an open mic focusing on the intersection of sexuality and race. We are proud to offer our first scholarship that is open to any student that identifies as LGBTQ and/or an ally. We have hosted Howard Brown, Dyke March, and Tulip for our meetings. We held a focus group with Campus Recreation in order to see how the Ray could be even more inclusive to the LGBT community. We held over ten workshops with different focuses within the LGBT community, including a dream workshop, media, and a gender variance workshop. In addition to these accomplishments we piloted our Immersion Trip this spring break that was the first LGBTQ focused trip in DePaul’s history. Last, but certainly not least, we have our Be Neutral Campaign that educates and allows students, faculty, staff, and student organizations to declare their openness to addressing people by their preferred gender pronouns” (SRL Award Submission).

We would like to congratulate Spectrum and thank them for their leadership efforts this school year. We cannot wait to see how Spectrum continues to grow within the DePaul, Chicago, and LGBTQA community.


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