Swingin’ Back to School


As another great and fun filled summer comes to a closure, we are exhilarated for classes to start and have campus full of Blue Demons again. It can be challenging going right into the full academic year mode but have no fear, we are here to offer some quick tips on how to easily jump right back into the swing of things.

Get A Planner. This is the key component of keeping all classes and activities organized right from day one of classes. Everyone has their individual way of organizing their schedules but having a planner definitely keeps it all together in one central place. The Campus Book Store has a variety of DePaul themed planners (#BlueDemonPride) that students could purchase, how convenient is that?!

Log on to Campus Connect. We realize it has been awhile since logging on but it’s never too early to log back in to check on any class schedule changes and list of textbooks that need to be purchased in time for class!

Connect with OrgSync. Have you had pondering thoughts of joining or checking out student organizations on campus? Do you want to know what events are going on right away? OrgSync is your answer; view the events calendar to see what events are coming up right here on campus!

With these quick tips said and done, don’t forget to have a good nights rest and a hearty breakfast before the first day of classes. We look forward to welcoming the entire Blue Demon community on September 11th, 2013!


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