Involvement Fair 101

involvementfair101Our office is buzzing with excitement for tomorrow’s Real Life Recess & Involvement Fair 2013! This year’s theme is “Be Active on Campus.” Over 140 student organizations will be present at the fair as well as campus partners. To get the most out of this fair, we have come up with a step-by-step checklist for goers!

Step 1: Have a Plan and Be Prepared. Take a peek at over 300 student organizations present at DePaul on OrgSync. On OrgSync, the student organizations are split up into different categories such as Cultural, Performance/Entertainment, and Fraternities/Sororities, etc. From viewing these organizations, you could take notes on which ones spark your interests and visit them at the fair.

Step 2: Give and Get Contact Information. As you visit tables at the fair, don’t forget to swap contact information with those who stood out to you. That way, the organizations will be able to inform you of their meetings and events that are coming up.

Step 3: Don’t be Afraid to take Promo Items. Whether its food, pens, flyers, or shirts- don’t hesitate to grab one! These things are produced for goers to enjoy!

Step 4: Partake in Activities. In addition to the information tables, there will also be tons of interactive games and activities such as inflatables and tye dying! Partaking in these activities caters to a more enjoyable fair experience!

Step 5: Have Fun and Mingle. In the midst of it all, don’t forget to network, meet new people and have fun!

We look forward to seeing and meeting everyone at the Real Life Recess & Involvement Fair tomorrow September 13th, 2013 from 1-4pm! Let’s #DPUActivate!


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