Student Activity Funding (SAF-B)

safbWhat is SAF-B? It is the major funding source for DePaul University’s student organizations. It is made up of the student activity fee that all full time undergraduates pay $25 per quarter. Organizations may apply for the Student Activity Fee to help offset financial expenses to enhance the student experience at DePaul.

SAF-B can be used for a variety of things. Some categories that SAF-B can cover are: event expenses, supplies, food, speakers, entertainment, security, apparel, instructor fees, coaching, registration, lodging, and travel!

Interested in learning about the SAF-B process? Here are three simple steps on how to get started:

Step 1…

Apply for funding by filling out the following
a. Fill out the SAF-B Application on OrgSync
b. Upload your room reservation confirmation
**(if you are having an event on campus, you must submit
the room reservation confirmation from EMS with the
Step 2…

After the hearing, the SAF-B Advisor will update
your budget on OrgSync with the amount awarded for each
Step 3…

Please contact the Business Coordinator (LPC) to
make purchases after you receive the award letter (Carrie


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