Halloween Budgeting

HalloweenBudgetIt’s that time of year again- Halloween! In the spirit of Halloween coming up, we have some quick tips for those who are still scrambling around for the perfect costume.  Have no fear, there is a way to have the most creative costume while being on a budget!

Get Crafty & Make Your Own Costume. 

Why not use those coloring and gluing skills by making your own costume? Take a trip to discounted craft stores and browse through their selection of items- they may give you inspiration! Of course this requires a bit of manual labor but you get to call the shots and make it unique to you. Not sure where else to look for inspiration? There are a ton of websites such as Pinterest that have how to guides online to almost every costume there is. With a simple google search, there are also tutorials available on how to make your ideal costume. Take a peek at this tutorial on “How to Craft a No-Sew Ladybug Costume for Halloween.”

Raid Your/Your Friends Closets.

You never know what you’ll find until you look! For example, your colorful work out clothes could potentially be a 80’s workout costume. Have cat ears laying around? Put on a black top and pants and your simple cat costume is a go! A super easy quick costume is cutting holes in a large white bed sheet and you are suddenly a ghost. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to your own closet or a friend’s!

Think Less, Not More.

When formulating an idea for a Halloween costume, think about the main things you’ll need. “The more the merrier” doesn’t apply in this case. Some questions to keep in mind are: What can you go without?  What do you already have and can work with? What requires less/cheap materials? Since we are going for a costume on a budget, not every single detail is needed to have a perfect Halloween costume in the end.

Tell us how you plan on saving money this Halloween!



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