Registering for the Involvement Fair: In 4 Easy Steps


Do you belong to a student organization that would like to have a presence at the Winter Involvement Fairs? Now is your chance to sign up for both the Lincoln Park and Loop Winter Involvement Fairs. The Lincoln Park Involvement Fair will take place on January 14th from 11-3pm and the Loop Involvement Fair will be on January 21st from 10-2pm! Here are four very simple steps on how to register your organization for the fair:

1. Make sure your organization is registered for the 2013-2014 academic year. All organizations need to be registered and approve by January 3rd in order to be approved.

Not sure if you’re registered? Have an administrator of your organization check your status by logging onto your portal.

2. Two Campuses, Two Fairs, Two Forms

If your organization would like to be a part of the Lincoln Park AND the Loop Fair, make sure to fill out a form for each.

To register for the Lincoln Park Fair, click here.

To Register for the Loop Fair, click here.

3. Wait to hear confirmation from the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) via OrgSync.

Once you submit your registration, you will receive two emails:

-Confirming that OSI received your submission for the Involvement Fairs

-Your confirmation that you are fully registered. If you do not receive an email saying you are fully registered, please contact in our office.

4. Stay connected with DPU Involvement

Over the long break, make sure to stay connected with OSI! We’ll provide updates and more through social media and our website!


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