Fall Finals Relaxation

ImageWith the stress and craziness that comes upon us next week that is final exams, this weekend also marks the last free weekend all students will have to take a long study break before hitting the library stacks in full action. It isn’t only important to study hard but also to maintain your health during this high stress time! We have provided some ideas on fun and free activities that are perfect to do as a study break activity.

1. Go on a walk

Whether its a walk to the beach, around campus, or exploring a new area- go on a walk! Going on a walk and breathing in crisp and fresh air will help release tension and clear your mind. Bring a pal along that you haven’t seen in awhile, it’ll be a nice way for the both of you get get fresh air and catch up!

2. Workout at the Ray

Never got to take that kickboxing, cycling, or Zumba class you aimed for the quarter? Now is your chance. The Ray offers fitness classes seven days a week, here is a full schedule of the classes offered. Are fitness classes not your thing? The Ray has something for everyone to get active from swimming to playing a pick up fame of basketball, they’ve got it!

3. Sleep In

Allow yourself to sleep in this weekend, in high stress finals week most students prioritize sleep differently. It is strongly recommended that individuals get 7-8 hour of sleep to remain a healthy sleeping routine and to perform well.

4. Have Fun and do something new!

Wanting to try that new bakery or cafe in the neighborhood? Now is the time to do so! Even seeing a movie that recently came out, grab a group of friends and go!

Share your thoughts of what study break activities you like to do regularly or what you plan on doing before finals!


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