DPU Finals

DPUfinalsHappy Finals Week Blue Demons! With this quarter coming to an end, our university has many sponsored events just for students to make finals week a little easier.

The ever so popular, Vinnie Van is back! Vinnie Van will give students a safe ride home from the John T Richardson Library from 9PM-5AM. The boundaries are: Belmont, Armitage, Clark, and Southport- thank you SGA! The vans will be running from November 20-21 and 24-25.

For those night owls. the John T. Richardson Library is now open for 24 hours through November 26th! Don’t forget to bring your student ID, they will be checked at 11pm for safety reasons. JTR is ready for finals, the hall is filled with additional tables and seating!

Besides studying hard, don’t forget to do a daily wellness check! Stop by the Ray Meyer Fitness Center for a quick workout before heading to JTR for a study session. The Ray is open Monday-Thursday until 11:30pm and Friday-Sunday until 10pm. Remember, breaking out a sweat and getting a good workout gives you more energy!

Need additional advice on final exams? Take a quick look at what fellow Blue Demons have to say:


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