How many days until DePaul Activities Board (DAB) ‘s FEST 2014? ONE! I could not be more excited to experience the Quad in a concert like atmosphere. How often does someone get to brag that their school transforms their quad into a concert venue for a day every single year? Not too often if I can say so myself. To get keep myself up to date on these artists, I have been listening to their songs endlessly on YouTube. Today I’m sharing some catchy tunes from each artist – enjoy!


In case you’ve forgotten, here is the full FEST and After Hours line up:

5PM FEST Doors Open
5:15-5:45PM Bill, The Pony (Battle student band winners)
6:00-6:45PM Washed out
7:00-8:00PM Local Natives
8:30-9:30PM Childish Gambino

9:30PM After Hours Doors Open
9:45-10:10PM Overdo$e (Battle student DJ winner)
10:15-11:30PM Adventure Club

Fire Fly by Childish Gambino

All I Know by Washed Out

Breakers by Local Natives

Rise & Fall by Adventure Club


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