My First 30 Days by: Megan Bogolia OSI EDGE Team

I’ve only been at DePaul for six weeks and yet it feels like a life time.

So much has happened to me in such a short amount of time. Living in the city is the most amazing experience. There is always something going on and there are so many opportunities that I would never have been able to experience in my hometown. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Elmhurst. It’s a nice town, but it can be incredibly dull. One of the reasons I wanted to go to college in the city is because I wanted to be in a faster paced, more exciting environment.

Attending DePaul and living in the city of Chicago definitely does not disappoint.

While living in the city I have explored several exciting places with my friends. It is definitely the best thing about living at DePaul. We have explored China Town, gone shopping at Water Tower Place, tried several different restaurants, and went to the beach. Everywhere we go we meet new people and have an amazing time. There is so much activity in the city that we are never bored. There are still plenty of places to explore and I cannot wait for Christmas time. I am having so much fun and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Not only is living in the city amazing, but so is DePaul itself. The campus here is beautiful and I have access to so many resources. I love living in University Hall, I have meet some really great people that I am already extremely close to. The dorms are wonderful, especially the suit style set up University Hall has. Having a bathroom that is only shared between four people is very nice. As are the spacious rooms. My roommate is really cool and we get along great. Being able to walk across the quad to the library is also very convenient. The library is a great place to study and I love that it is so close. The food here is pretty decent and the Ray is a great place to work out and let off some steam. My experience in the dorms has overall been very positive but I still am very much looking forward to living in an apartment with my friends next year.

I am also really enjoying my classes. My Discover Chicago class is very fun. It was especially enjoyable during Discover Week. I have really bonded with my classmates and we are good friends now. The subjects I am taking are fairly interesting and I enjoy the pace of college life a lot more than high school. I’m very excited to begin taking my psychology courses in spring quarter. Only having class nine hours a week and having the rest of the time to complete assignments and do what I want is a schedule that fits me really well. There is definitely a lot more homework than high school, but it’s manageable and I feel like it is actually important, not just busy work. The quarter system is also interesting, everything is going by so fast, I can see how it would be easy to fall behind. But so far I am doing a good job staying on top of things.

There are so many activities going on through DePaul and so many clubs/organizations to join. I have been participating in the DSCA, specifically the Hoops for Hopes program at the Kelly YMCA. I learned about this volunteer organization at the Student Involvement Fair and thought I would check it out. The people I volunteer with are wonderful and the kids we work with are very special. I volunteer every Monday and have never been disappointed. I am so glad DePaul puts on events like the Student Involvement Fair so students can learn about all the wonderful opportunities through DePaul.

Another program I have started to participate in is the Student Leadership Institute. I have been attending the seminars in order to get the Leadership Certificate. The workshops have been very interesting so far, especially the one where I developed my specific leadership brand. The opportunities for students at DePaul can help immensely in trying to develop your resume or get a job. I feel like more students should take advantage of them.

The EDGE program is also, of course, a highlight of my week.

The meetings are not boring like I feared they might be. We do interesting activities that are enjoyable and help us bond as a team. I also think the assignments we have are interesting. This blog, for example, was fun to write and made me remember all of the fun things I have done so far while at DePaul. I am also looking forward to the Neighborhood projects when I get to go to Chinatown and take pictures.

So far my first month at DePaul has been amazing and I cannot wait for it to continue. 



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