My First 30 Days by: Alex Wolf OSI EDGE Team


One of the things that I have experienced so far are all of the events that DePaul has going on.  So far I have seen a show at the theater school and I have seen a soccer game.

What has been the best thing though, I think was seeing Second City during Immersion Week!

When I heard about this during orientation, I really wanted to see one of their shows. I was also told it was something that I should do since I was going to be in Chicago.  Not saying that the performances I have seen put on by DePaul were not good, I just enjoyed Second City more than the rest.

I really enjoy having all of this public transit available, so I can go anywhere.  Back home I really cannot rely on public transit being reliable and able to get me close to where I want to go due to how the city is set up.  At first, it was hard to know the timing of the transit and where the different routes went because of how many different ways there was to go to the same place. I will admit that at one point, I did get lost… but I was able to get pointed in the right direction and made it to my destination in good time.

During the first few weeks of school some friends and I all went to Millennium Park late at night and just walked around the park. One time we went and saw a concert at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, and we all enjoyed just sitting in the grass talking and listening to music.   After we left the concert we walked around some more and met some interesting people on the street, for example one guy quoting The Lion King, which is something that would never happen where I am from for a few different reasons.  One thing that I really want to go to is a show at the Steppenwolf Theater.  Also, the theaters in my hometown are either small companies or the main theater, but otherwise there are not really any options to choose to go to see theater.

Being a student at DePaul so far has been enjoyable.  I have gone to many different parts of Chicago in this first month and some I want to go back to more often.  All of the immersion week activities that I went to were really enjoyable.  When I told some of my friends at other schools what I got to do and see they were jealous.  Also having class only Monday through Thursday is really nice because it gives me time to get tasks done that have to happen during the week, like meeting with advisors or even getting most of my homework done so I can enjoy Saturday and Sunday.  So far living in Chicago has been a great experience for me and in this month that I have been here I have learned to get almost everywhere on the CTA transit system and which lines are better at what times and which line will take me there.

        One thing that I want to go see is more sports games, both DePaul sport teams and professional ones. I have heard many good things about many of the DePaul teams and cannot wait to see them play.  I cannot wait for some of the other events that are planned at DePaul this year, such as blue demon week, who the artists are going to be for the winter quarter concert, and DePaul Fest.


In my hometown I live near two colleges so I have seen college students wandering around getting use to the neighborhood.  Now I am that student and not the resident of the neighborhood and have to get used to my new surroundings.  The difference with Chicago and my hometown is that there is always something going on over the weekends in Chicago, even if you didn’t hear about it.  I enjoy seeing good live theater and there are always plenty of options in Chicago since it is such a large city. I am really excited about seeing shows at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and shows at the DePaul Theater School throughout the year.  So far I think that choosing to go to DePaul was a great idea for many reasons. One reason is being able to go to a school in a major city is a great opportunity for internships. In my home town, there are not as many people who play music on the street for money, which sometimes can be nice when you are waiting for a train.

 I don’t know what else I will be doing this year, but I know I will have a great rest of the year here at DePaul.


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