My First 30 Days by: Joe Laurendi OSI Edge Team


My first 30 days at DePaul could not have gone any better! I have exceeded my expectations of what it would be like living in the city of Chicago. It is truly amazing to have the city right at my fingertips and have the ability to go where ever I decide I want too.

The bulk of my time here has been spent at sporting events throughout the Chicago area. I am a huge baseball fan and I took full advantage of having Wrigley Field two stops away from our campus. In the small amount of time I was here, I ended up going to five Cubs games. Even though the Cubs were not very good, I still had a great time watching the games and being in one of the most historical stadiums in the world. I also went to a White Sox game in late September; I loved how Wrigley Field and US Cellular were completely different stadiums. I also went to the opening game of the Chicago Bears and saw them play my hometown the Buffalo Bills. Solider Field is an amazing stadium, and I loved my experience even more because the Bills got the victory. I also went to another football game, but at Northwestern to see the Wildcats play Western Illinois. I liked the whole college football atmosphere and it was nice to experience this because DePaul unfortunately does not have a team.

One of the best things I have experienced at DePaul is all of the different cultures from around the world and the United States all put together in one place. I have met and become friends with so many people from different backgrounds that I would have never been able to meet if I had not come to DePaul. I was shocked at the amount of people who traveled here from California, without a doubt the most surprising part of coming here. I have become close friends with a ton of people from California at DePaul, that over our winter break I am heading to San Diego to visit with some of them. Meeting new people has led to many different opportunities for me and that is the best thing I have experienced at DePaul.

            Becoming a student at DePaul was one of the best choices I have ever made. I love the sense of independence and responsibility I have now.

There is no one looking out for me anymore, so I really feel the pressure to hold myself accountable. I am enjoying my classes a lot more than I thought I would. Each one is very interesting to me and I find myself wanting to go to class. My work load has increased since high school though, but I have found a good balance between schoolwork and fun. My time as being a student has gone extremely well and I believe that will continue for the rest of the quarter.

Living in Chicago is totally different then I am used too. Back home I live in a very small town where everyone knows everyone. Here is obviously very different than that, you see thousands of new people every single day. Another big difference between Chicago and home is the use of public transportation. The only time I have ever used public transportation is when I was on vacation in a city. Back home you drive everywhere; there is barley any type of public transportation. Using public transportation has its pros and cons though. I love being able to access pretty much any part of the city by the train and they are extremely reliable.

The cons of trains are that they are usually pretty crowded and there are some strange people who use them, but I guess that makes for a good story.

I find it very strange that I haven’t driven a car in about two months. I am nervous that when I go home that I may be a little rusty. Another huge difference then back home is the amount of stores and restaurants. Back home we had a lot of stores about ten minutes from my house, but Chicago has everything you could possibly imagine. When it comes to restaurants and places to eat, Chicago has many options that I simple do not have at home. The first restaurant I do not have back home is Chick-fil-A. People are shocked when I tell them this, and do not understand how I live without it. Another breakfast place I fell in love with here is Einstein Bagels. I am a huge breakfast fan and specifically a huge bagel person. The different selection of bagels they have amazes me and my goal is try a new one every time I am there.

         The first 30 days of my life as a DePaul student can only be described as incredible.

The amount of sporting events I have attended in the past month is truly amazing for a sports geek like myself. I have grown up so much in the first 30 days and have a huge appreciation for what I have back at home. I am looking forward to continuing on this quarter and getting to the six week winter break!!!


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