My First 30 Days by: Melissa Bellew OSI EDGE Team

 My first 30 days at DePaul have been an experience to say the least. Getting adjusted to college life has been much more difficult than I originally expected.

The best thing I’ve experienced so far is getting to know the city and meeting new friends. Chicago is a huge city with so much to do… I am never bored. Meeting new friends is interesting but I really miss my friends at home. My friends and I all go to different schools. Most of them go to Penn State and University of Delaware so they get to see each other often. The friends I’ve met so far at DePaul are great but I would much rather be exploring the city with my best friends from home.

The best thing I’ve done in Chicago was go to the Porter Robinson concert. He is an electronic DJ and all summer my friends and I went to several electronic shows so it almost made me feel at home. Being a DePaul student is not that much different from my high school. The amount of school work I have is about the same and the work is not that much harder. I do have a lot more free time in college than I did in high school, which for me makes it harder to manage my time. In high school I had school from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm, went to practice, and then most nights went to work. However, in college I only take 4 classes and have hours in-between them to do basically anything I want. I am a part of Chaarg, a work out group that motivates you to stay healthy and active. In my first 30 days I did get to go home for the weekend.

         Going home was probably my favorite thing I’ve done in college so far as bad as that is to say. At home I got to see my family and friends and also do some of my favorite things. I like being in Chicago but sometimes I wish I was closer to home. I did not think I was going to miss my family in college but I talk to them everyday. Somedays I feel extremely homesick and other days it feels like my family is right here even though they are 800 miles away. I already cannot wait for winter break so I can go home again. Chicago is extremely different from Pennsylvania and Delaware. My house is in Pennsylvania but my high school, job, extended family and friends are all in Delaware. Chicago is a huge city and because it’s so big it feels like you don’t know anyone.

At home it was rare that you go to the grocery store and not see someone you know. Also Chicago is extremely urban and my town is not like that. At home there is a beautiful area called the valley where you can take nature walks and sit by the river. You can’t do that in Chicago. The biggest difference is not driving everywhere. I would consider driving my alone time or “me” time and I looked forward to my drive to and from school everyday. In college it feels like you’re always surrounded by people and you never really get the time to relax by yourself. Personally I thought I was going to have a really smooth transition from high school to college but that has not been the case. I really do like DePaul but it’s going to take a lot more time before I can call Chicago my home. Like I said earlier someday’s all I want to do is go home but other days it feels like I’m not far enough away. Luckily my aunt lives downtown so it I do have someone I know in the city. I know this essay makes it sound like I do not like DePaul and all I want to do is go home but in reality it’s just taking me a lot longer to get adjusted than I originally expected.

I hope when we come back from winter break it gets a little easier for me. My first 30 days have been very busy with school and adjusting to college life but I really hope the adjusting period is almost over.


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