Be Thankful for OrgSync

      If you are a returning student you may have noticed that OrgSync had a total upgrade over the summer.  (#TheNewOrgSync)  If you are a new student, welcome to DePaul Student Involvement!  OrgSync has revolutionized student organization making being in a club more efficient and exciting!

Since this is the time of the year when we all look back and count our blessings, here at OSI we are thankful for OrgSync and this is why:

  1. No More Paper Forms

Once upon a time creating a student organization meant filling out stacks of paper forms but thanks to OrgSync, you     are able to do it all online!

Check out this video on registration:


***If you are not an active student organization at DePaul, registration reopens in the Spring Quarter.

  1. Easy Funding Requests

Filling out a funding request can be daunting but not anymore! Once you fill out the budget form, you are then notified via OrgSync once your request has been processed. Don’t forget: you already pay for the student activity fee in tuition – so take advantage of it!

 Check out this video on funding:


  1. Social Networking

Finding something fun to do is so much easier on OrgSync. You can organize your calendar based on genre like social events or pre-professional development.

Check out this video on creating events:



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