Steps to Manage Stress in College

By: OSI Blogger Jacki Licciardi

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to positive or negative situations in your life. Again, stress is normal… really everyone at some point will be stressed out for one reason or another. Some stress can actually be beneficial to you. You’ve had a lot going on with finals approaching, papers, involvement, and of course personal life so learning how to manage this stress is vital to being healthy and of course happy.

slow down, relax, take it easy

There are ways to handle your stress in the moment and help you relax. As a graduate student myself, managing coursework, working, my internship, and personal stuff I can get stressed. I have come up with some ways of getting everything completed with a smile!

I made a list below of some short term ways to handle your stress today! These are not permanent fixes but can be used as temporary coping strategies to get you passed the negative stressors. I am not a doctor however, I am a full time student so I get it.

Close your eyes and breathe: The action of closing your eyes and breathing allows your mind to center and your body to become relaxed. In other words… take a minute. It can also be helpful to sit down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and allow yourself to breath in and out a few times.

Prioritize: Remember that you do not need to get everything completed at this exact moment.

Take a few minutes to priorities what needs to get done first and start from there. photo-15 This might include a To Do list or just a note in your planner about all the things you would like to accomplish. Either way, allowing yourself to see that you are only human and can only complete one task at a time and be in one place a time can be helpful in allowing yourself to relax. You cannot conquer the world in one day…no one can!

Take a breakreally just take some time for yourself: Walking away from the task or stopping something momentarily will help in the long run.

Talk it out: I know how this may sound but really just try it. Remember that you do not have control over everything that happens around you and sometimes just thinking that or saying it out loud can help. You might want to say (or think) out loud, “It’s ok” or “I can’t control this”… these are just examples of what you might say in the moment. 

I hope these tactics can be useful in managing your day to day stress. Remember these are short term solutions that can be incorporated today. To truly handle stress you will want to learn techniques that you can help you long term as well.

… Jacki Licciardi is currently working in the OSI office as the Program Assistant for Social Media and Leadership Development


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