Why your resume needs work.


By: OSI Blogger Jacki Licciardi

In today’s competitive job market, it is vital that your resume represent you as the best fit candidate to potential employers. Remember that your resume is a marketing tool. The main purpose your resume has is to make you appealing to potential employers and let’s face it; securing an interview!

The first struggle with writing or editing your resume is that everyone you ask will have a different opinion on what it should look like. I know this firsthand as a graduate student, trust me. The other issue is that your resume is never complete. Yes, I said never. This is simply because the job market is continuously changing and evolving… and guess what? So are you as a potential job seeker.

What does this mean for you then? Well, for starters it means that the more people who review your resume the better chance you have at making it the best it can be. Just because someone tells you to change or edit something on your resume does not mean you have to do it. However, the feedback should always be welcomed. You should also make it a habit to stay connected with trends and the ever changing job market in your field of interest.

The good news is that I am here to help you make your resume better. Just remember that there is no one “right” way to write a resume. With that said, there are some aspects that should always be included and some that should not.

If recruiters are only spending 6-10 seconds looking at you resume, you want them to be interested immediately.

You’re still putting “References Upon Request”: Remove it. Employers are well aware that they can request references from you. Welcome to 2014 where a majority of applications are completed online anyway and will have a required section for your references. You only have 1-2 pages to work with so make every piece of information compelling.


Your resume is too long or too short: Great point, but how do you know if your resume is too long or too short? The first thing to understand about the length of your resume is that whether it’s 1 or 2 pages- utilize the whole page(s). Meaning, there should be no blank areas on your resume. My opinion on length is that if you do not have either 10 years’ experience or a master’s degree…stick to one page.

You have 6 or more bullet points: If you are an entry level professional, you should include 2-5 bullet points for each work experience. You also might not have a lot of work experience at this point, and that’s ok. Focus on your involvement on campus, leadership activities, volunteer experience, honors or awards received, and research projects you are conducting. Don’t forget about space, so if you have room you can include some courses that you have taken or are currently taking that are relevant.

Your education is not clear: I have seen this way too many times. Make sure you highlight your education and be proud that you are DePaul student. List your education at the top and make sure you write out the full name of the degree… “Bachelor of Arts in Communications” for example. Don’t write “Major: Communications.” #BeProud

These tips will get you started and on your way to impressing everyone with your resume! Be confident and proud of your accomplishments.

The best part of being a DePaul alumni or DePaul student is that we have an amazing Career Center full of expert career advisers that are here to help you. So make an appointment and take the first step towards impressing employers.

DePaul Career Center http://careercenter.depaul.edu/default.aspx

… Jacki Licciardi is currently working in the Office of Student Involvement as the Program Assistant for Social Media and Leadership Development. Jacki is also a current graduate student at DePaul studying College Student Development.


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