Graduation is Approaching…Now What?

By: OSI Blogger Jacki Licciardi

So it’s mid January of the New Year, which means I have already started planning for what this year will bring. I am not sure about you but planning things in advance helps me feel less anxiety and stress about an unpredictable future. Bottom line is the more plans or goals I can set for myself…the better.


This brings me to my first issue. My plan for as long as I can remember was to attend graduate school and earn my masters degree. This day is fast approaching, as I will be graduating in June of this year. Insert Panic Face

This of course has me anxiously searching for what my next steps will be. Honestly, at this point I am not even sure where to look. It just frightens me a bit to not have a plan and maybe this is partial the social construct of always having to answer the question “Where are you working now?” OR “What’s your plan after school?”

It’s like you always have to have a well thought out answer loaded at all times and ready to go! … I should just start answering people by saying, “I have decided to go into modeling, what do you think?” At the very least the responses will be entertaining or the lack thereof.

All kidding aside here, this is my future life we are talking about. Maybe there is no plan and maybe I should start learning to just live each day as it comes. <—  this idea freaks me out more than I can explain.

I guess I could plan as much as I want and things can still go in a different direction. I know that I will keep planning but right now I will just use the modeling excuse.

I did attend a very informative and helpful presentation on job searching last night. One of the tips provided was to create a bookmark folder with all the HR websites of the places I would like to work. This way, I can easily keep track of job postings. You might be thinking this is common sense however, I have never done this. So last night I made a bookmark folder of all the schools I would love to work for.

Cheers to a new year and a new plan!

If you are graduating this year or have other major life events that will be changing your path this year… comment below and share your thoughts.  ~~~  I’ll take the help.

… Jacki Licciardi is currently working in the Office of Student Involvement as the Program Assistant for Social Media and Leadership Development. Jacki is also a current graduate student at DePaul studying College Student Development.


3 thoughts on “Graduation is Approaching…Now What?

  1. Aye if you need some guidance getting into the modeling industry….your favorite female coworker (hint, it’s me) has some experience being flawless and fierce 😉

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