Why Sorority Life is Much More Than What Elle Woods Leads Us to Believe.

By OSI Guest Blogger: Caroline Savoy

I am not a sorority girl. I don’t like pink. As much as I love Elle Woods, I wouldn’t actually want to be her.

These were all things that I’ve said before and thought were true up until three years ago. I had always known that I wanted nothing to do with sororities in college; I believed they existed as they do in the movies and on television and that wasn’t someone I thought I wanted to be.

The first week of my freshmen year was like throwing a bucket full of water in my face. I realized that I wanted to go through formal sorority recruitment *gasp*. All everyone was talking about was how different Fraternity and Sorority Life was at DePaul, that there aren’t houses or suites and the community isn’t as overwhelming compared to state universities. What did I have to lose? All it consisted of was me showing up to rounds, talking with different sororities and different women, lasting only a week. It couldn’t be that bad, right?

After the first day of recruitment rounds, I immediately knew this was a community I wanted, needed, to be apart of. These women weren’t all tall blondes nor were they glitter-obsessed, nor did they have teacup Chihuahuas in their bedazzled pink totes (not that there’s anything wrong with those things.) They were women who made academics a top priority, who were extremely involved in community service both on and off of DePaul’s campus, and who got to hang out with their best friends doing some really cool activities around the city.

My biggest realization of all, was finding out these were women who were exactly like me. Crazy, …right? I thought so, too. I met women who played soccer religiously in high school, who were majoring in Marketing, and who also didn’t intend on joining a sorority their freshmen year. That’s what got me, I was finally able to see myself as a part of these amazing organizations that stand for everything I hoped to stand for.

The place where I ultimately found my home was in Delta Zeta, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

Being from out of state, I was lucky to find a spot at school that became my comfort zone, and that was a really special feeling for me. I could stand on my soapbox all day long about my chronic homesickness and how my chapter has helped me realize how wonderful DePaul is but I won’t do that to you. Instead, I’ll tell you more about my experience.

Right as the Winter Quarter started, I was chosen to be my chapter’s Sunshine Chair (which is akin to something like Ms. Woods’ snapping cup, just for visual effect). That position, in addition to the seniors on our Executive Board, inspired me to want to hold an even bigger position in our chapter. I slowly got more and more involved, representing the freshmen class on our Nominations Committee and helping out as a Recruitment Assistant.

The following fall, I was excited to apply for a position on the Panhellenic Council – which is pretty much as involved as you can get in our community. I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to serve as the Vice President of Internal Affairs on the board for my sophomore year. With this position, I was able to attend the Association of Fraternal Leadership Values, a weekend conference for Tri-Council members of the Eastern region to discuss leadership and how to better our Fraternity and Sorority Life communities. I was also given the opportunity to be a Schmitt Leadership Fellow where I was invited to attend luncheons with top faculty at the university and was able to complete a service-based leadership project. Throughout the rest of the year, I was able to meet and become friends with many men and women in our Fraternity and Sorority Life community. I’ve even become close with many DePaul faculty members who I am still close with today. At the current moment, I’m honored to have just begun my term as President for Delta Zeta Theta Theta and I could not be more excited for what this next year has to offer my chapter and our community.

My experience in sorority life at DePaul began unintentionally. Now, my chapter’s colors are pink and green, pink and green. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to be Elle Woods? I mean, seriously, anyone would be crazy lucky to have her work ethic and confidence.

I always thought the idea that people can change was an excuse, or an empty explanation for the way something was. It wasn’t until my sorority experience began that I realized just how quickly a person can actually change. If you had told my 16-year-old self that I would become a President of a sorority, I would have laughed in your face, because I would never become a “sorority girl.” But I am, and I’m so thankful for this experience.

DePaul Panhellenic Council

…Caroline Savoy is currently majoring in Marketing with the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul and is also the President of Delta Zeta – Theta Theta. Caroline’s hometown is Columbus, Ohio…what..what..! Her favorite thing to do is curl up in bed with a good book (or three because she’s obsessed with reading)!


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