Why Are We All Truly Awesome?

By Kristin Hagen – OSI Blogger

When was the last time you felt awesome? I mean 100%, truly awesome for a long period of time. Now when I get a latte I usually feel pretty darn awesome, but once that caffeine buzz wears off I’m back to feeling mediocre. So I’ll ask you again – when was the last time you felt awesome – sans caffeine?

It’s really easy not to feel awesome. You miss your train. You don’t do well on an exam. Argh you forgot your sister’s birthday, AGAIN?!?!? Let’s face it – it’s tough just getting out of bed in the morning. (Who ever invented the snooze button is an evil genius!)

How do a lot of us deal with a bad day/week/month/year? We snap at people. We forget to say thank you. We walk around with a big scowl on our face. Hey DePaul, I’ve been there. I get it. Today I’m going to challenge you to do something different, and I’m enlisting the help of Robby Novak. Who’s Robby Novak? Well, you might know him by his other name, Kid President.

This motivational little man is changing the world with his positivity, adorable chubby cheeks, and killer dance moves. His favorite dance move is the Pencil Sharpener! He’s most known for his viral video “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You” – it has over 34 million views to date! This dapper little dude has one message for you – stop being boring because you were made to be awesome.

You know what, DePaul . . . It’s the truth. I was made to be awesome! You were made to be awesome! That person you sat next to on the train this morning . . . was made to be awesome!

What makes me love Kid President even more is he has every reason to be the opposite of awesome. He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone condition. He’s only 11, yet he’s had his bones break 75 times since he was born. Plus he’s had almost 17 surgeries. 17 surgeries?!?! I had a root canal two years ago and I’m still traumatized from it! I can’t imagine having 17 surgeries! Robby Novak is one special person, and he never stops dancing. No matter what – he never stops dancing! He’s been given every reason not to dance – 75 broken reasons to be exact. Yet he doesn’t stop.

I’ll be honest – I don’t feel awesome everyday. I don’t look at myself in the mirror and magically think “Oh wow, Kristin! You are so awesome!”. For some, self-confidence and awesomeness comes naturally. For me, it’s something I have to work for. I’ve taken a play from Kid President’s book – instead of dancing, I smile. I smile when I’m happy, when I’m angry, when I’m nervous. I give high fives. I say thank you. I compliment people. I’m even known for telling a stupid joke every once in a while. Why do I do this? Sometimes positivity is all we have. Kid President says “Give people high fives just for getting out of bed. Being a person is hard sometimes.” So true, Kid President. So true.

Go find your way to be awesome. Maybe you whistle, or dance, or smile, or knit sweaters. Whatever you have to do, go do it! If you’re needing a little inspiration, check out Kid President on YouTube


…Kristin Hagen is the Coordinator for Educational Programs and Communications in the Office of Student Involvement. Besides Kid President, Kristin also loves puppies, yoga, and treating herself to Starbucks Lattes every Friday!


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