Ready, Set, Love for Valentine’s Day!

By Jacki Licciardi – OSI Blogger


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I started thinking about what this day really means. A lot of us celebrate this day and hawk over whom will be our Valentine, right? Well, at least I have since grade school. I can put myself back in that wobbly, old wooden chair that had the desk attached to it, waiting and waiting . . .with pink and red butterfly’s in my stomach about how many candy grams I would get and who they’d be from. The anxiety heightened each time the teacher would call out “Jacqueline, one for you.” Basically, the teacher was announcing how cool I was to the entire classroom. They should have used the intercom so the whole school knew. Hmm that makes me wonder if schools still have intercoms.

Of course, as I got older the candy grams stopped, not because I wasn’t cool (I promise) but mostly because it’s just not something you do in high school or college. Although, I would argue this is when the real V-Day fun begins. This is when the actual day begins to mean much more. Instead of a bunch of heart shaped candy grams, you get roses and that big heart box of chocolates. (But I always hate when they don’t tell you which chocolate is which. I mean, I’m not allergic to coconut, but ugh I hate when I get that one in the bunch with no warning!) One year I got an XOXO pillow.–The year after that I got a stuffed dachshund with some super cheesy saying across it, like “You’re DOGGONE Cute.” Oh the excitement and accomplishment I felt! Yes, accomplishment is what I felt when in fact I had not accomplished anything at all. Looking back on it now, it just seems silly.

You might be thinking that the older I get… I keep upping the expectations for this wonderful day known as Valentine’s Day. Well, I haven’t. Why? Simply because the best Valentine I could have ever asked for was always right in front of me. My dad, Louie! Whose love is the best present I could ask for!

So instead of anxiously waiting for stuffed dogs and chocolates or eating a fancy dinner in an over packed trendy restaurant, I get a big ole hug from my dad. On that note, whoever your Valentine is this year, just enjoy how lucky you are to have that person. Give them a hug, a kiss, a high five – whatever you want! The day itself is all about who you love and it is 2015 – all love is love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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