Once a Blue Demon, Always a Blue Demon. Blue Demon Week 2015!

By: OSI Blogger Jacki Licciardi

It’s that time again… Blue Demon Week at DePaul University. The activities and DePaul pride is present all around campus, from the decorations in the café, to the blue attire students, staff, and faculty are wearing! I personally am very excited for all the events this week and food, yes, food!

If you have seen any of my other blog posts then I am sure you already know that I work as the Program Assistant for Social Media and Leadership Development in the Office of Student Involvement and of course that I am a graduate student here at DePaul. I bring this up because I did not complete my undergraduate degree at DePaul, so I was not familiar with all the amazing events that DePaul has for their students. Understanding or knowing about the Involvement Fairs, or DemonTHON, or Blue Demon Week were things I didn’t just “know.” These were events that were new to me as a graduate student here at DePaul.

Some of you may be very familiar with what Blue Demon Week is at DePaul but for me this is my first year being a part of this week long celebration. So what is Blue Demon Week? It’s simple; Blue Demon Week is a time that students, faculty, staff, and alumni come together to celebrate what it means to be a DePaul Blue Demon and be DePaul Proud! The whole week is packed with activities and events that bring everyone together to celebrate our community and cheer on our Men and Women Basketball teams! #GoBlueDemons

Another big part of Blue Demon Week is wearing BLUE on Thursdays to show our Blue Demon pride. I say wear blue all week… I already started wearing blue today. I have to tell you that I might have found a new color I like to wear.


Yesterday was the first day of Blue Demon Week and we spent some time decorating the café in Lincoln Park. It was a great experience to be a part of because students and staff came together and took some time out to spread some red and blue cheer around campus!

The best part of Blue Demon Week is that everyone can participate…everyone! Even if you just wear blue on Thursday you will be part of something bigger. I am particularly excited for this Friday’s Blue Demon Dance at the Hard Rock Café. I hope to see you there. Once a Blue Demon, Always a Blue Demon. #BDW2015

Check out a full list of events at the official Blue Demon Site:DePaul Blue Demon Week


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