10 Fun Things to Do in a Cold Chicago

I don’t know about you guys, but winter isn’t necessarily my favorite season. I can deal with autumn — in fact, I really like autumn because of the mid-60’s temps — but winter in Chicago is pretty brutal. To help ease the chilly pain Chicago brings along with it during the cold months, here’s a list of 10 fun (and totally cheap) things to do in a frost-bitten Chicago:


1. Ice Skate at Millennium Park

  • Who doesn’t love ice skating? I mean, if it’s cold, you might as well be doing something fun with the cold, right? From November to March, Millennium Park offers free ice skating daily. Bring your family or a couple of friends to good ‘ol Millennium and enjoy a day of gliding (or, in my case, falling) next to a bunch of super cool Chicago monuments.


2. Journey Through the Lincoln Park ZooLights


  • Listen, I know Lincoln Park Zoo is next to Lake Michigan and I know that means the wind chill makes the cold that much worse, but ZooLights is worth it. First of all, it’s free, and secondly, you can walk around the Lincoln Park Zoo looking at a bunch of really impressive light sculptures while Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” plays in the background.


3. Visit the Art Institute


  • First of all, the Art Institute is indoors and that means warmth, but secondly, it features a bunch of timeless pieces of art from all over the globe. If you haven’t been, it’s a definite must. Dedicate a day to it at least, because you’ll get absorbed in all the artwork pretty quickly. Plus, you can use your Demon Discount here! It’s totally free for DePaul students.


4. Explore the Chicago History Museum


  • Like the Art Institute, the Chicago History Museum is indoors and toasty (because that’s the most important part, right? Just kidding… kind of). If artwork isn’t really your thing though, the Chicago History Museum is the place for you. Demon Discounts apply here too — free admission!


5. See the Garfield Park Conservatory


  • The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of my favorite places in Chicago, honestly. If you’re constantly seeking some sort of image of thriving vegetation and life, take a day trip here. It’s free and the whole thing’s under huge, beautiful glass greenhouses.


6. Shop Around Water Tower Place


  • Water Tower Place is one of those shopping malls you expect to go into for 30 minutes and, in reality, you end up staying for about 3 hours. No shame, though — the place has about 95 attractions (including Food Life which is a definite must).


7. View the Macy’s Window Displays


  • The Macy’s Window Displays have, for me, been the quintessential epitome of the holiday season. Even though the holiday’s are over, stop by and check them out. It’s outside, but with the months of hard work that goes into them, totally worth it.


8. Catch a Movie at AMC Theaters


  • Going to the movies is, without a doubt, my favorite thing. Food, comfy chairs, and a giant movie screen all in one place? Yes, please. Best part? Demon Discounts apply at AMC Theaters too. Also, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out right now and if you haven’t seen it you really, really need to. It’s amazing.


9. See a Show at The Second City


  • I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like laughing and really funny people. Fortunately, Second City provides both of those things, and it’s accessible via Demon Discounts. Enjoy a night full of giggling and stop by to see some of Chicago’s funniest.


10. Grab a Cup of Hot Cocoa at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate


  • Ok, I’m a bit of a hot chocolate aficionado, and Mindy’s Hot Chocolate is some of the best I’ve ever had, ever. Guys, there’s 9 different types of hot chocolate (I didn’t even know that was possible?!); from the classic Old-Fashioned to Eggnog to Affogato (which has this coffee cocoa ice cream that I literally dream about on a daily basis). Plus, getting a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa is great way to end a day full of activities.

Sure, Chicago’s cold weather isn’t something to get super excited about, but the activities provided by the city during its colder months are, without a doubt, some of the best. Get out there and enjoy it!


Involvement Fair 101: Tabling


With the two Involvement Fairs coming up- Lincoln Park on January 14th and Loop on January 21st, we want to provide some quick tips on how to get the most out of your involvement fair experience especially through tabling.

For Student Organizations:

-Keep your table visually appealing and organized

-Be welcoming and warm to all visitors

-Start up a conversation on why you initially joined your organization

-Introduce yourself and your position in the organization

-Be open to answer questions

– Smile and Have Fun! 🙂

For Fair Goers: 

-Stop by as many tables as you can, you never know what to expect

-Ask questions, there is no bad question

-Be open to exploring organizations you don’t know much about

-Have Fun!

For a full list of student organizations that will be at both the Lincoln Park and Loop Involvement Fairs, view our website at http://studentaffairs.depaul.edu/involvement/invfairs.html

Winter in the Windy City: Apparel

winterapparelWelcome back to Winter Quarter, Blue Demons! As we are in the midst of one of the coldest winters to note, this month OSI will be providing fast tips on how to survive winter in the Windy City every week.

This week’s focus is apparel- a very basic and important thing! Layers, layers, and more layers. The more layers the better. With the high wind chills, it is important to have every part of the body covered. Chances of getting frostbite are very high.

Some must have apparel items are:

A big warm coat

Winter hat

Gloves (we hear the touch screen sensitive ones are very useful and popular!)

Snow boots (to prevent slips in the ice and snow)

Scarf (to cover your face too!)

Ear muffs

Thick socks

Modeling for us today in the OSI office is our Marketing Team’s Social Media Coordinator, Teresa! Be sure to check back with us next week on more tips on surviving Winter in the Windy City!